Secondary School Services

Fast and efficient, using the quickest image linking service available we can tag photographs with pupils admission numbers without any delays. Supplied on a complimentary cd your pupils photographs can be quickly and easily uploaded in an automated process to your school database. We work with all the main school database systems in use today. Because of our exceptional quality along with our well designed pack options we will increase your sales and in turn your school commission.

We take care of the administration, no need to count money, no trips to the bank, no forms to fill in, we take the work and hassle away from the school. It’s our job to make your job easier.
You will benefit from our award winning professional photographers using the latest in digital technology and processes enables us to supply the very best quality available. As a local personable company we are readily available to call in and talk through any requirements you may have. This with the backing of the largest printing company in the UK our service is unbeatable. With our experience and organisation we’ll bring the expertise to mould to your requirements.

Group Photos

Whole year group photographs are available without any of the associated hassle of staging and setting up a large group, combined with our Imagelinx (faces to names) software this is a valuable keepsake for any schola